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M.S. Students 김수빈 (Subin Kim) 
Admin 2022/03/03
Ph.D. Students 김자연 (Jayun Kim) 
Admin 2021/09/28
Publications(International) Feasibility of membrane distillation process for potable water reuse: A barrier for dissolved organic matters and pharmaceuticals 
Admin 2021/04/01
M.S. Students 김성아 (Seunga Kim) 
Admin 2021/03/08
M.S. Students 송승연 (Seungyeon Song) 
Admin 2021/03/08
M.S. Students 김다정(DaJung Kim) 
Admin 2021/03/08
Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering 양지훈 (Jihoon Yang) 
Admin 2020/12/30
Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering 김영경 (Youngkyung Kim) 
Admin 2020/12/13
Publications(International) An improved approach to identify bacterial pathogens to human in environmental metagenome 
Admin 2020/12/09
Postdocs 정우식 (Woosik Jung) 
Admin 2020/11/17
Publications(International) Cancer and non-cancer risk associated with PM10-bound metals in subways 
Admin 2020/11/17
M.S. Students 임현수 (Hyunsoo Lim) 
Admin 2020/08/31
Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering 김성훈 (Seonghoon Kim) 
Admin 2020/07/01
Publications(International) Emission inventory of PM10 in Dhanbad/Jharia coalfield (JCF), India: an intricate coal mining sector 
Admin 2020/07/01
Publications(International) A Sporolactobacillus-, Clostridium-, and Paenibacillus- Dominant Microbial Consortium Improved Anaerobic RDX Detoxification by Sta 
Admin 2020/07/01
Photos 2020 스승의날 기념 식사 
Admin 2020/06/02
Postdocs Roy Debananda 
Admin 2020/03/11
M.S. in Civil and Environmental Engineering 김지현 (Jihyun Kim) 
Admin 2020/03/11
연구 장비(Equipment) Spectrophotometer 
Admin 2020/03/02
M.S. Students 하진호 (Jinho Ha) 
Admin 2020/02/28
Ph.D. in Civil and Environmental Engineering 최민규 (Minkyu Choi) 
Admin 2020/02/05
Photos 2019 송년회 
Admin 2020/01/10
Notice 2019 송년회 사진 
Admin 2020/01/10
Photos 2020 International Symposium on Water Sustainability with Hong Kong Polytechnic University 
Admin 2020/01/06
Publications(International) Exploring the antibiotic resistome in activated sludge and anaerobic digestion sludge in an urban wastewater treatment plant via m 
Admin 2020/01/06
Conference Presentation(International) Characterization of Microbial Community in Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor with Rotary Disk Using Metagenomics Approach 
Admin 2019/12/18
Conference Presentation(International) Effects of Audible Frequency on Functional Gene in Eukaryote and Prokaryote 
Admin 2019/12/18
Conference Presentation(Domestic) Shotgun Metagenomic 방법을 활용한 하수처리시설 내 반응조-탈수슬러지-Bioaerosol 사이의 항생제 내성 유전자 및 미생물 군집 변화 분석 
Admin 2019/12/18
Conference Presentation(Domestic) 매몰지 이설 가축사체 대상 맞춤형 생분해 촉진제를 활용한 생물학적 안정화 연구 
Admin 2019/12/18
Conference Presentation(Domestic) 암모늄 산화 미생물과 혐기성 암모늄 산화 미생물을 고정화하는 평판형 PVA cryogel film 이용 2단식 생물학적 질소 제거 공정 
Admin 2019/12/18
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