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13. Bacillus-Dominant Airborne Bacterial Communities Identified during Asian Dust Events, Microbial Ecology 2019/11/08 
14. Anaerobic oxidation of methane coupled with extracellular electron transfer to electrodes 2019/02/18 
15. Gap Analysis Based Decision Support Methodology to Improve Level of Service of Water Services 2019/02/18 
16. Effective seeding strategy using flat type poly (vinyl alcohol) cryogel for annamox enrichment 2019/02/18 
17. 4-Cholophenol Biodegradation Facilitator Composed of Recombinant Multi-Biocatalysts Immobilized onto Montmorillonite 2019/02/18 
18. Classification and Regression Tree Approach for Prediction of Potential Hazards of Urban Airborne Bacteria during Asian Dust Event 2019/02/18 
19. Hypoxic methane oxidation coupled to denitrification in a membrane bio film 2019/02/18 
20. What we can see from very small size sample of metagenomic sequences 2019/02/18 
21. Molecular approached for the detection and monitoring of microbial communities in bioaerosols: A review 2017/06/19 
22. Pilot-Scale Bio-Augmented Aerobic Composting of Excavated Foot-And-Mouth Disease Carcasses 2017/06/19 
23. High rate nitrogen removal by ANAMMOX internal circulation reactor (IC) for old landfill leachate treatment 2017/03/09 
24. Effect of Algal Inoculation on COD and Nitrogen Removal, and Indigenous Bacterial Dynamics in Municipal Wastewater 2017/03/09 
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