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25. Decision tree-based data mining and rule induction for identifying hydrogeological parameters that influence groundwater pollution 2017/03/09 
26. Characterization of sequence-specific errors in various next-generation sequecing systems 2016/09/29 
27. Evaluating integrated strategies for robust treatment of high saline piggery wastewater 2016/01/07 
28. Monitoring the microbial community shift throughout the shock changes of hydraulic retention time in an anaerobic moving bed membr 2016/01/07 
29. Improved TNT detoxification by starch addition in a nitrogen-fixingMethylophilus-dominant aerobic microbial consortium 2016/01/07 
30. Sustainable Water Infrastructure Asset Management: A Gap Analysis of Customer and Service Provider Perspectives 2016/01/07 
31. Improved RDX detoxification with starch addition using a novel nitrogen-fixing aerobic microbial consortium from soil contaminated 2016/01/07 
32. Combining activated sludge process with membrane separation to obtain recyclable quality water from paper mill effluent 2016/01/07 
33. Association of biodiversity with the rates of micropollutant biotransformations among full-scale wastewater treatment plant commun 2016/01/07 
34. Bathroom wastewater treatment in constructed wetlands with planting, non-planting and aeration, non-aeration conditions 2016/01/07 
35. Regional Effects on Chimera Formation in 454 Pyrosequenced Amplicons from a Mock Community 2016/01/07 
36. The functional and taxonomic richness of wastewater treatment plant microbial communities are associated with each other and with 2014/09/12 
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