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37. Microbial community structures differentiated in a single-chamber air-cathode microbial fuel cell fueled with rice straw hydrolysa 2014/09/12 
38. Correction of sequence-dependent ambiguous bases (Ns) from the 454 pyrosequencing system 2014/09/12 
39. The use of cochineal and Monascus purpureus as dyes for cotton fabric 2014/09/12 
40. A Battery of Bioassays for the Evaluation of Phenanthrene Biotoxicity in Soil 2014/09/12 
41. Nocardioides daeguensis sp. nov., a nitratereducing bacterium isolated from activated sludge of an industrial wastewater treatment 2014/09/12 
42. Luteolibacter yonseiensis sp. nov., isolated from activated sludge using algal metabolites 2014/09/12 
43. Brevibacterium daeguense sp. nov., a nitrate-reducing bacterium isolated from a 4-chlorophenol enrichment culture 2014/09/12 
44. Nitrogen removal with energy recovery through N2O decomposition 2014/09/12 
45. Increased nitrous oxide accumulation by bioelectrochemical denitrification under autotrophic conditions: Kinetics and expression o 2014/09/12 
46. In-Depth Characterization of Wastewater Bacterial Community in Response to Algal Growth Using Pyrosequencing 2014/09/12 
47. A Toxicological Review on Potential Microbial Degradation Intermediates of 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene, and Its Implications in Bioremed 2014/09/12 
48. Microbial Analysis in Primary and Persistent Endodontic Infections by Using Pyrosequencing 2014/09/12 
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