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49. Biotoxicity assessment of pyrene in soil by using a battery of biological assays 2012/10/08 
50. Microbial Degradation and Toxicity of Hexahydro-1,3,5-trinitro-1,3,5-triazine: A Review 2012/10/08 
51. Comparison of Fatty Acid Analysis Methods for Assessing Biorefinery Applicability of Wastewater Cultivated Microalgae. 2012/07/25 
52. Improved detection of microbial risk of releasing genetically modified bacteria in soil by using massive sequencing and antibiotic 2012/07/25 
53. Georgenia daeguensis sp. nov. isolated from 4-chlorophenol enrichment culture 2012/07/25 
54. Bench-scaleexsitu diesel removalprocess using abiobarrier and surfactantflushing. Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry 2012/05/08 
55. Treatment of Alcohol Distillery Wastewater Using a bacteridetes-Dominant Thermophilic Microbial Fuel Cell 2012/05/08 
56. Using GA-Ridge regression to select hydro-geological parameters influencing groundwater pollution vulnerability 2011/12/07 
57. Assessment of phenanthrene bioavailability in aged and unaged soils by mild extraction 2011/12/01 
58. Ochrobactrum daejeonense sp. nov.,a nitrate-reducing bacterium isolated from sludge of a leachate treatment plant 2011/12/01 
59. Improved phenol degradation in high-phenol-fed MBR by membrane-driven containment of non-settling biodegradation microbes 2011/09/23 
60. Characterization of microbial community structure and population dynamics of tetrachloroethene-dechlorinating tidal mudflat commun 2011/06/03 
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