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73. DNA-stable isotope probing integrated with metagenomics for retrieval of biphenyl dioxygenase genes from polychlorinated biphenyl- 2010/05/03 
74. Study on acquisition of bacterial antibiotic resistance determinants in poultry litter 2010/05/03 
75. Influence of aeration rate on nitrogen during blackwater composting. Water and sanitation in international development and disas 2010/05/03 
76. Microbial diversity and population dynamics of activated sludge microbial communities participating in electricity generation 2009/08/06 
77. Influence of substrate exposure history on biodegradation in porous media by Ralstonia pickettii PKO1. 2009/08/04 
78. Characterization of adaptive response to trichloroethylene-mediated toxicity in Ralstonia pickettii PKO1. 2009/08/04 
79. Quantitative structure-activity relationship (QSAR) analysis of aromatic effecter specificity in NtrC-like transcriptional 2009/08/04 
80. Validation of a more sensitive method for using spotted oligonucleotide DNA microarrays for functional genomics studies 2009/08/04 
81. Classification of the biphenyl- and polychlorinated biphenyl-degrading strain LB400T and its relatives as Burkholderia xenovorans 2009/08/04 
82. Biphenyl and benzoate metabolism in a genomic context: outlining genome-wide metabolic networks in Burkholderia xenovorans LB400. 2009/08/04 
83. Growth substrate- and phase-specific expression of biphenyl, benzoate, and C1 metabolic pathways in Burkholderia xenovorans LB400. 2009/08/04 
84. Effect of carbon starvation on toluene degradation activity by toluene monooxygenase-expressing bacteria. 2009/08/04 
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