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1. Characterization of Microbial Community in Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactor with Rotary Disk Using Metagenomics Approach 2019/12/18 
2. Effects of Audible Frequency on Functional Gene in Eukaryote and Prokaryote 2019/12/18 
3. Flat Type Poly (vinyl alcohol) Cryogel for Implementation of PN-Anammox Process 2019/11/08 
4. A Pilot study on Sequential Ex-situ Bio-augmented Stabilization of Previously Burial-Treated Carcass Wastes 2019/11/08 
5. Whole-cell Immobilization technique using poly (vinyl alcohol) gel for deammonification process 2019/11/08 
6. Investigation on Microbial Activity Response to Organic Loading Rates in Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors Using Metagenomics and Met 2019/11/08 
7. Biphasic model for biodegradation of residual oil contamination with natural attenuation in landfarming 2019/11/08 
8. Effect of Audible Sound on Nitrogen Removal in Municipal Wastewater Treating Activated Sludge Microbial Communities 2019/02/18 
9. Characterization of Microbial Communities in Anaerobic Membrane Bioreactors with Rotary Disks and Floating Media with Different Or 2019/02/18 
10. A Study on the Manipulation of Microorganisms in the Environment Utilizing Microbial Reaction by Audible Sound wave 2019/02/18 
11. Metagenomics-based Multiple Locus Sequence Typing Novel Technique to Identify Multidrug Resistant and Pathogenic Bacteria in Envir 2019/02/18 
12. A Novel Isoprenoid Alkanes Degrading Bacteria to Enhance the Landfarming Biodegradation of Oil-Contaminated Soils 2019/02/18 
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