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109. Biogeographic Feature: Identification and quantification of reductive dechlorating Bacteria in estuarine and tidal flat sediment. 2009/08/04 
110. Preliminary Assessment of Microbial Degradation Capabilities in Petroleum-Spilled Taean Tidal Flat Sediments 2008/06/05 
111. Microbial Ecology of Emerging Contaminant Bioremediation 2008/06/05 
112. Sensitive and Quantitative monitoring od dynamics between low- and high-chlorinated-ethene-dechlorinating microbes in tidal mudfla 2008/06/05 
113. Monitoring and Mapping of soil microbial diversity using artificial intelligence algorithms from GIS-based soil Environmental Prop 2008/06/05 
114. Removal of nitrogen and organic matter in swine wastewater by using membrane bioreactor and advanced oxidation process 2008/06/05 
115. Expressing of glutathione S-transterase in antibiotic resistance organism isolated from the poultry litter 2008/06/05 
116. Sustainable water circulation system by using graywater in complex 2008/06/05 
117. A Novel Laboratory Cultivation Method to Examine Antibiotic Resistance Related Microbial Risk in Urban Water Evironment 2008/06/05 
118. Microbial diversity and population dynamics of activated sludge microbial communities participating electricity generation in micr 2008/06/05 
119. Improved Control of Multiple Antibiotic Resistance Related Microbial Risk in Swine Manure by Auto-thermal Thermophilic Aerobic Dig 2008/06/05 
120. Removal of NItrogen and Organic matter in Swine Wastewater by Using Membrane Bioreactor of Filot Plant Scale 2008/06/05 
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