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13. A novel method to identify microbial hazards in various environments using metagenome-based MLST (Multilocus Sequencing Typing) 2019/02/18 
14. Evidence of enhancing effects of audible sound on bacterial nitrogen removal in domestic wastewater treating activated sludge micr 2019/02/18 
15. Identification of potential pathogenic bacteria and their network in drinking water supply system 2019/02/18 
16. Reduction of Bacterial Pathogenic Risk during Ex-situ Stabilization of Previously Buried Foot-and-Mouth Disease Carcasses in a Pil 2019/02/18 
17. Metagenomic investigation on effects of organic loading rates in anaerobic membrane bioreactors with rotary disks and floating med 2019/02/18 
18. A Study on Methane Production and Microbial Communities Characteristics of Psychrophilic Anaerobic Digestion Using Food Wastewater 2019/02/18 
19. A Pilot Scale Stabilization of Previously Burial-Treated Infected Carcass Wastes with A Novel Sequential Ex-Situ Bio-Augmented Com 2019/02/18 
20. Biphasic model for biodegradation of residual oil contamination with natural attenuation in landfarming 2019/02/18 
21. Biofilm Microbiomes Flushed from Water Supply Piples in Buildings 2016/09/29 
22. Microbial community investigation on water supply pipe biofilms in buildings 2016/09/29 
23. Using shot-gun matagenome sequencing, investigation on effects on different volatile fatty acids in anaerobic digestion effluent - 2016/09/29 
24. Identification of genes involved in improved cellular growth of Saccharomyces cerevisiae by auidible sound exposure using global - 2016/09/29 
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