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121. Dynamics among major dechlorinating populations in TCE-removing multi-permeable reactive column experiments 2008/06/05 
122. Thermophillic microbial population dynamics in a petroleum-contaminated site treated with electrical heating-soil vapor extraction 2008/06/05 
123. Removal of nitrogen and organic matter in swine wastewater by using advanced oxidation process 2008/06/05 
124. Microbial diversity and population structure analysis of lead-tolerant microbial communities effectively sorbing lead 2008/06/05 
125. Identification of major dechlorinating populations in multiple-permeable reactive column experiments using nested and quantitative 2008/06/05 
126. Who is the better in bioremediation? Specialists or generalists? 2008/06/05 
127. Analysis of Biofilm Forming Communities Participation in Electricity Generation in Activated-Sludge-Seeded Microbial Fuel Cells 2008/06/05 
128. Removal of phenol and cresol in swine wastewater by using membrane bioreactor 2008/06/05 
129. Biosorption of Chromium and Nickel by Isolated Heavy Metal Resistant A.niger [CSR-mbl 1], M.halobius [CSR-mbl 3] Isolates 2008/06/05 
130. Biosorption of Chromium(Vl) from Aqueous solution onto Dead Biomass from Activated Sludge 2008/06/05 
131. A New Cultivation Method Development for Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria under Wide Range of Nutrient Levels from Water Sample 2008/06/05 
132. Methodology Study Classifying Soil Ecological Quality using Microbial Diversity Information 2008/06/05 
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