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133. Protein modifications in isolated heavy metal resistant microorganisms from the contaminated evironment 2008/06/05 
134. Enhanced phenol removal by floating fungal populations in a high concentration phenol-fed membrane bioreactor 2008/06/05 
135. Use of stable isotope probing to explore time-dependent dynamics of PCB-degradative populations in biphenyl fed soil microbial com 2008/05/23 
136. A new culture method for detecting antibiotic resistant oligotrophic microorganisms in the environment 2008/05/23 
137. Environmental Functional Genomics: Stable Isotope Probing Intergrated with Metagenomics and Microarrays 2008/05/23 
138. Use of stable isotope probing explore time-dependent dynamics of PCB-degradative population dynamics in biphenyl-fed soil microbia 2008/05/23 
139. Phenol removal and microbial community structure in high concentration phenol-fed membrane bioreactor 2008/05/23 
140. Identification of fast growth specialists, slow growth specialists, and steady responders in biphenyl-fed soil microbial communiti 2008/05/22 
141. Stable Isotope Probing intergrated with metagenomics: cosmid libraries constructed from 13C-DNA of 13C-biphenyl (PCB) degrading ba 2008/05/22 
142. DNA-stable probing analysis of bacteria activity involved in PCB/biphenyl degradation 2008/05/22 
143. Biosorption of chromium and nickel by heaby metal resistant fungal and bacterial isolates 2008/05/22 
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