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25. Evaluation of Applicability of Shot-gun Metagenome Sequencing in Detection of Pathogenic and Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria in - 2016/09/29 
26. Metagenomic Detection of Microbiological Pathogenic Bacteria in Biofilms of Water Supply Pipes in Buildings 2016/09/29 
27. Imporved Explosive Detoxification with Strach Addition by Novel Nitrogen-Fixing Micorbial Consortia 2016/09/29 
28. Analysis of Bacterial Communities in Activated Sludge from Wastewater Treatment Plant in Korea and Vietam Using 16S rRNA Gene-base 2016/01/07 
29. Microbial Communities and Methane Production of Psychrophilic Anaerobic Digestion in Resonse to Different Influent COD Levels 2016/01/07 
30. Microbial functional dynamics of active populations in nitrous oxide accumulating partial denitrification 2016/01/07 
31. Characterization of degradation intermediates and microbial communities in starch-stimulated aerobic explosives-degrading microbia 2016/01/07 
32. Sequence-specific and correctable ambiguous bases (Ns) in the pyrosequencing data 2016/01/07 
33. Starch-stimulated biodegradation of RDX by an aerobic rhizobium-dominant consortium enriched from explosive-contaminated soil 2014/09/12 
34. Decision tree based prediction and rule induction for groundwater trichloroethene(TCE) pollution vulnerability 2014/09/12 
35. Nitrous Oxide Accumulation during bioelectrochemical denitrification under autotrophic condition: Kinetics and expression of denit 2014/09/12 
36. Ammonia oxidizing bacterial communities’ dynamics in response to micro-algal population in domestic wastewater treatment plant 2014/09/12 
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